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Liquid Relief Valves, Back Pressure Regulators, Gas Safety Valves, Overflow Vent Valves, Snubber Cages, Sucker Rod Splicers, Tapered Fishing Taps, Pipe Repair Clamps

Casing Heads, Tubing Heads, Stuffing Boxes, Pumping Tees, Polished Rod Clamps, B-1 Adapter Flanges, Drilling Flanges, Stuffing Box Packing


Seating cups, Valve Cups, Composition Rings,, Stuffing Box Packing, Fluid Seal Rod Packing, Teflon & Graphite Braided Packing

Pump Shop Equipment, Rod Wrenches, Rod Elevators, Transfers, Hammer Wrenches, Chain Tongs, Friction Vises, Gears, Sight Glasses

DOME Packing
Environmental Barrier Netting
Pony Rods
Rod Guides
Pipe Repair Clamps

Malleable Pipe Fittings
Standard & Extra Heavy Pipe Nipples

Swab Cups, Swab Mandrels, Rope Sockets, Packer Cups, Packer Assemblies, Stripper Rubbers, Spang/Tubular Jars, Sinker Bars

On-Off Tools
Split Ring Plungers
Spiral Rod Guides

API Pup joints
Tubing Couplings
Casing Couplings

API Pup joints
Tubing Couplings
Casing Couplings

Pump Screens
Tubing Screens
Super Perfs
Chemical Screens


Downhole Pump Barrels

Forged Steel & Mallable Fittings, Pipe Nipples, Hammer Unions API & Merchant Couplings, Gruviok Couplings & Fittings

Grooved Pipe Products

Sub-Surface Pump Parts

Sub-surface Barrels and Fittings Seating Nipples Manufactured to API 11AX Specifications

New and Recondition Ball and Seats


Spray Metal, Monel Pin, Pressure Actuated, Grooved Body

Polished Rods
Polished Rod Liners

Tubing Anchors

41/2, 51/2, 7 “Baker” Style

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